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Can you explain how role-based permissions work?

A collaborator who uploads a file becomes the document owner. The document owner has full control over who can access the document and their role (Reviewer or Author).

When the document owner invites a collaborator on a document, he assigns a role to that collaborator. Each role has specific permissions:

Inviting collaborators



  • The Reviewer role can:
    • Post comments on documents in review
    • See all comments and edits on documents in review
    • Download the document when it is not in review (shared or review complete)
  • The Author role inherits Reviewer’s permissions. Additionally, an Author can:
    • Edit the document online
    • Check out, edit offline, and check in the document.

To update a collaborator’s role on a document:

  • Go to the document.
  • Click <b>Settings</b>. You see a list of collaborators invited to the document.
  • Find the collaborator you want to update.
  • Update his role. For example from reviewer to author.
  • Confirm your change. Changes take effect immediately

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