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How do I upload a document to Agilewords?

Click Upload from the Dashboard or any workspace. You enter a 3-step wizard:

Step#1 – Upload Document

In this step, you upload an MS Word document for review and set the document title and workspace location.

Agilewords Review Wizard - Upload Step

To complete the Upload Document step:

  • Select an MS Word document (.doc or .docx, up to 5MB)
  • Change the document title if needed
  • Select the workspace location for the document
  • Click Next Step to move to the Review Setup step

Once uploaded, your document is available in your folder or workspace.

Step#2 – Setup Review

In this step, you select a review deadline, grant or deny offline updates permissions to authors (granted by default), and select who can download the reviewed document (all reviewers by default).

Agilewords Review Wizard: Setup Review

To complete the Setup Review step:

  • Set a Review Deadline (required)
  • Select the Offline update permissions for authors
  • Select the Download permissions for the reviewed document
  • Click Next Step to move to the Invite Others step

Step#3 – Invite Others

In this step, you invite collaborators to review the document, select a role for each collaborator (reviewer or author), request approval, and update the invitation message.

Agilewords Review Wizard - Invite Others

To complete the Invite Others step:

  • Add users by typing their email (new users) or by selecting existing users from the list. Users are added to the list as reviewers
  • Users are added as reviewer; you can change their role to author (not available on FREE plans)
  • Click Request Approval if you need a formal sign-off on your document
  • Customize the message sent to reviewers
  • Click I’m done. Start Review now!

Once this step is complete, the following events are triggered:

  • The document is available for review
  • An email is sent to reviewers
  • You’re redirected to the document

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