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How do I upload a new version to Agilewords?

Pre-requisite: you have a local copy of the document

You got a local copy of a document in review, opened it in MS Word, made changes requested by reviewers. Now you’re ready to upload that new version to Agilewords.

To upload your local copy to Agilewords, follow those steps:

  • Open the document in Agilewords
  • Click Review in the document header and select Upload Local Copy; a popup appears
  • Upload option
  • Select your local copy (step 1)
  • Select your change tracking options (step 2):
    • Yes to enable track changes
    • No to disable track changes
  • Click Upload new version

Upload popup

Your local copy is uploaded to Agilewords and synchronized with the online version following these rules:

  • Content updates (added or removed) is shown on the online version and formatted as a diff on the document
  • Content updates are marked as new edits on the document; this way your reviewers won’t miss them
  • As the author of the changes you see the final version directly (no diff)
  • Content removed from the local copy is shown as removed from the online version -discussion attached to this content are preserved

Note: content added or removed during synchronization is formatted as a diff in the document and marked as new; this ensures that reviewers on the document will see content changes on the document.

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