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Shared Folders – FAQ

What are Shared Folders?

Shared Folders are secured online folders that can be accessed online by multiple Collaborators. Shared Folders contain documents that can be shared, in review, or archived.

Who can create Shared Folders?
Only Authors with Folder Manager privileges can create Shared Folders.

Who can manage access to Shared Folders
The Folder Owner, i.e.: the person who created the Shared Folder, is the only one who can grant or deny Collaborators access to the Shared Folder.

Who can access Shared Folders?
Any Collaborator granted access to the Shared Folder by the Folder Owner.

What can I do in a Shared Folder?
As a Reviewer, you can view all documents in the Shared Folder and open them as viewer if you’re not explicitily invited as Reviewer.

As an Author, you have the same privileges than Reviewers; in addition, you can upload documents for review.

Who can delete a Shared Folder?
The Folder Owner.

What’s the difference between a Folder Owner and a Folder Manager?
A Folder Owner ¬†is the Folder Manager who created the Shared Folder. He’s the only one who can manage access to the Folder. A collaborator with Folder Manager privileges can create Shared Folders.

What are the typical use cases for a Shared Folder?

You may use a Shared Folder:

  • To share documents by teams or projects (project documentation, internal reviews)
  • To share documents by departments (legal documents, marketing communications, contracts, etc.)
  • To share client-specific documents (business proposals, contracts, documentation)
  • To share documents with cross-functional teams

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