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How can I change the Folder Owner?

Only the Folder Owner (the person who created the Shared Folder) can re-assign ownership to another Folder Manager.

To updated ownership on a Shared Folder you created:

1. Go to the Shared Folder

2. Find the Owner field next to the Shared Folder title (should say “Onwer: You”), rollover it, and select the new owner from the list of collaborators

Change Owner


1. When I rollover the owner filed, the list is empty – Why?

You did not assign Folder Manager privileges to Authors on your account. See How do I grant Folder Manager privileges for more details.

2. I can’t find the collaborator in the list?
It means that the collaborator does not have Folder Manager privileges. If you are administrator on the account, you can grant him such privileges. . See How do I grant Folder Manager privilegesfor more details.

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