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How do I set a document review deadline?

To set a review deadline on a document:

  • Open the document in Agilewords.
  • Click Settings in the document header. A popup appears.
  • Select the Review tab.
  • Click the calendar icon to select a review end date.
  • Optionally, set a review start date (to start review in the future).
  • Your changes take effect immediately.


Pre-requisite: You are the document owner.
The document has to be in review for reviewers to post comments and authors to make changes. A document that is currently in review can only be accessed in read-only mode by collaborators with sufficient permissions.

From the Review tab you can also:

  • Reset the review end date. Use this to keep the document in review.
  • End the review. This terminates the review right away and brings back the document in read-only mode (no one can post comments or make edits anymore)

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