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How do I personalize Agilewords notifications?

To personalize your Agilewords notifications settings, click on your user name or profile image. This opens your profile page.

You can sign up to receive an email notification when:

  • A collaborator posts a comment on a document you collaborate on
  • An author updates the content of a document you collaborate on

Email notifications for comments

Email notifications triggered by new comments contain:

  • A snippet of the content section commented
  • The new comment that was posted highlighted in yellow and the author’s comment
  • A direct link to the comment that lets you jump to the discussion thread in one click

Email notifications for online edits

Email notifications triggered by online edits contain:

  • A snippet of the content section that was modified formatted as a ‘Diff’ to show what the author modified
  • A direct link to the document section edited


If a comment is posted on an image, the image only shows in your email if you are connected to Agilewords.
Use instant notifications when you need to be notified right-away; the Daily Digest Report is sufficient in most situations. Go to your profile pageadjust your notifications.

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