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I did not receive an activation email. What shall I do?

Follow those steps if you do not see the activation email in your inbox a few minutes after registering your account:


#1 – Retrieve activation email from spam folder

Go to your spam folder and search for the activation email with title “Agilewords – Action required to activate your account“. Once found, mark it as valid email, open the it, and click the activation link.

Make sure to add “*” in your list of trusted domain.


#2 – Request a new activation email

If you cannot find the activation email in your spam folder then:

  1. Go to Agilewords login page
  2. Try to login with the email used to register your account (type a dummy password) and click Login
  3. You get the following error message: “Your account is not yet active. Click here to resend the activation email.“. Click the “here” link to receive a new activation email.

  4. Wait a few minutes and check your inbox (or spam folder). If you cannot find the activation email, contact us at

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