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Users & Permissions

01. What is the difference between an Author and a Reviewer?

When you add a collaborator to your Agilewords account, you either invite him as an Author or as a Reviewer (default).
An Author is typically a colleague or partner…

02. What can I do in the Collaborators page?

As an account administrator, you can perform the following actions from the Collaborators page:

Add a Collaborator (Author or a Reviewer).
Manage Collaborators’ access to shared folders.
Change a Collaborator…

03. How do I manage collaborators access to shared folders?

Agilewords provides two options to manage Shared folders access. You may:

Grant or remove Collaborator access to Shared Folder
Manage Shared Folder Access

Grant or remove Collaborator access to Shared…

04. Can you explain how role-based permissions work?

A collaborator who uploads a file becomes the document owner. The document owner has full control over who can access the document and their role (Reviewer or Author).
When the…