Online Help


01. What automatic notifications are available?

We send an automatic email notification in the following cases:

An admin grants a collaborator access to a workspace
A document owner invites a collaborator to a document
A document…

02. Do I get notified when someone posts a comment or makes an edit?

Yes, if you selected on your profile to receive automatic notifications or daily digests.
No, if you turned off all notifications on your profile.

03. How do I personalize Agilewords notifications?

To personalize your Agilewords notifications settings, click on your user name or profile image. This opens your profile page.
You can sign up to receive an email notification when:


04. How do daily digests work?

You can sign up on your profile page to receive a daily digest of Agilewords activity in the last 24 hours.
Daily digests include:

Reminders of the upcoming document review…

05. Do I get notified when a reviewer completes his review or approves a document?

Yes, if you are the document owner. When a reviewer completes his review or approves your document, you receive an automatic email notification.