Online Help


01. I did not receive an activation email. What shall I do?

Follow those steps if you do not see the activation email in your inbox a few minutes after registering your account:
#1 – Retrieve activation email from spam folder…

02. Which browsers does Agilewords support?

Agilewords support all major browsers, including:

Firefox 3.x and above
Google Chrome 8.x and above
Internet Explorer 7.x and above
Safari 4.x and above

03. What documents can I upload to Agilewords?

Agilewords lets you upload any type of MS Word documents (.doc or docx).
As opposed to other online applications, we provide high-level MS Word support, which benefits you several ways:…

04. Do you have an iPhone app?

Not yet but it’s coming this summer. All we can tell right now is that it looks great!

05. Can I export my documents at anytime?

Yes. You can export the online version of your document to MS Word (in its original format) that includes latest changes made online. You can also choose to include reviewers’ comments.…

06. How secure is Agilewords?

We take security very seriously!
We’ve integrated security measures into all aspects of our document collaboration application. Every document you upload is secured on a user, document, application, and network…

07. Do you have a free plan?

Yes we do. The Free plan lets you review maximum three documents simultaneously. This is ideal if you want to review documents occasionally online or if you want to try Agilewords before…

08. Does Agilewords offer white label solutions?

We don’t right now but if you are interested, drop us a note.

09. Do you have an API?

We are working on it.   We will release our API to the public in Q3 2011.

10. How is Agilewords different from Google Docs?

Agilewords is not another online word processor such as Google Docs.
Agilewords allows you to preserve your original formatting on import and export, set review deadlines and request approvals, and…