Online Help

Commenting & Editing

01. How do I post a comment on a document?

We provide two options to post comments:

Comment a document section (paragraph, title, bullet list…) by left-clicking on the text of section or clicking the “Comment” button that shows in…

02. How do I browse a document (by page, by message)?

We provide several options to browse a document:

Browse with pagination
Browse by messages
Browse by pages

How do I browse a document with pagination?
The pagination element is placed…

03. How do I track new comments?

We designed Agilewords to make sure that new comments do not go unnoticed and that you can easily track them and mark them as read.
If a reviewer posts a…

04. How do I reply to a comment on a document?

Follow these steps to post a reply:

Go to the document.
Open the discussion thread.
Click Add a comment…
Type your message and click Post.
Your comment is now visible…

05. How do I track new online edits?

Similar to the tracking of new comments, we made sure that online edits made by authors do not go unnoticed.
If an author…

06. How do I edit document content online?

To edit document content online:

Click the button. You entered Edit mode
Rollover with you mouse on the content you wish to edit. A icon and link…